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Attracting a Bigger Slice of The Market With Bartercard


Anyone in business will know how vital liquid capital is, and getting cut-through in the market is a sure-fire way to keep cash flowing through the business. Bartercard is another way. Con-x-ion Airport Transfers is doing both – getting their vehicles wrapped in branding from roof to wheel to give them maximum exposure in a competitive market, all without spending cash.

Apart from wrapping their vehicles on Bartercard to reach a wide audience on the road without the

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Southport Yacht Club’s Bartercard Review


Business: Southport Yacht Club

Owner: Bronwyn

After joining Bartercard 12 months ago, the success of our Business has excelled. Bartercard has been a great asset to us in a number of ways, including extra business promotions, sponsorship opportunities, membership and events growth, along with fantastic networking opportunities. The team at Bartercard are also great, and always willing to go that extra mile with their service. I would highly recommend businesses to join Bartercard and see what added value your business can g

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Joanne Tarver’s Bartercard Review


Business: No more pain Tens Machines

Owner: Joanne Tarver

I joined Bartercard the same day I started my business with an interest free line of credit, it was the perfect business injection I needed to get the ball rolling. Business cards, brochures, car signage and a website all with no cash outlay. It was perfect for a fresh new business and with the Bartercard sales rolling in, I was off to a wonderful start. As the barter dollars kept rolling in and the next month I paid for a massive ice-skating birthday party for 20 of

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Anthea Romer, Romer Locks – Bartercard Review


Bartercard has become an integral part of our life. We are a small business that has been in barter for over 13 years and it brings us sales that we would never have normally have, therefore we can afford to buy things that we couldn’t otherwise afford.

We have renovated two bathrooms, had the roof on our house professionally painted, purchased rainwater tanks, filled scripts from the chemist, had a wonderful holiday, enjoyed top quality restaurant meals, purchased soul and plants for the garden and had a new economical p

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5 minutes with Ghulam Wakil, Naran Clad and Bartercard Member


Bartercard renders more profits in building and construction
The recovering property market is a double coup for entrepreneur and Bartercard member Ghulam Wakil, who is trading to conserve more cash in his rendering business Naran Clad, and has laid down a cashless property deposit on barter.

While the market is picking up and seeing a boost in construction services, a good working relationship with Silverline Homes is bringing $125,000 worth of extra rendering and tiling work to Naran Clad each year which is paid as a

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Vickie Magic, Business Matters Magazine – Bartercard Review


Business: Business Matters Magazine

Owner: Vickie Magic

We have been with Bartercard for almost six years. To be honest we have used our Bartercard dollars for so many things, we love it. We are constantly finding new things to buy. We first of all found a commercial property which we were able to pay half of our rent for a few years. We then made an offer on the property and were able to pay the full deposit of the property on full barter, which was $40,000. We bought our beautiful little Mia, a ragdoll kitten on Barterc

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