About Bartercard

Bartercard is a trading system that allows businesses from all around the world to network and expand their profit margins. If you have excess goods you are having trouble getting rid of, or the capacity to provide more services than you are currently being hired for, our community of more than 55,000 cardholders may be the perfect solution for you.

In exchange for Bartercard trading dollars, you can rid of surplus stock, make sure all your rooms or tables are booked, or do whatever you need to improve your profit margin without having to reduce the amount you charge. You can then use your trading dollars to purchase goods or services that would usually come out of your businesses’ cash flow; with such an extensive community the possibilities are as endless as your growth opportunities.

Get in contact with one of our professional sales consultants to discuss your options today, or browse through our Bartercard reviews to discover what some of our cardholders are saying about the way their partnership with our business has radically transformed theirs.