Business: No more pain Tens Machines

Owner: Joanne Tarver

I joined Bartercard the same day I started my business with an interest free line of credit, it was the perfect business injection I needed to get the ball rolling. Business cards, brochures, car signage and a website all with no cash outlay. It was perfect for a fresh new business and with the Bartercard sales rolling in, I was off to a wonderful start. As the barter dollars kept rolling in and the next month I paid for a massive ice-skating birthday party for 20 of my daughters friends, with cake and food provided all on Bartercard.

My Tens machines have not only been a huge benefit to those who want to get out of pain but because there are massive rebates back from health funds ( up to 100% ) they have been an amazing cash conversion. Buy on trade and get cash back from your health fund or use it as a 100% tax deduction…. It’s a win win for all of my customers in the 6 years I’ve been with Bartercard.
Bartercard is worth it!