Scam Warning Issued by Bartercard

Bartercard always takes the greatest measures in ensuring our transactional website functions in a secure and safe manner. At times, however, third parties may send out email scams that are beyond our control. This scam warning serves the purpose of providing adequate precautions for members to take in order to ensure they do not fall victim to one of these hoaxes.

  • Check that the email has been sent from a trusted source, and references your name in a correct way (according to the details you provided us in your account)
  • Read through the content to make sure there isn’t an excess of spelling and grammatical mistakes, as often scam emails will contain these
  • Follow your gut feel on red flags, such as a request to provide Bartercard with your updated credit card details or other personal information
  • Don’t reply with personal details, including contact information, bank details, and account information. Bartercard will never request such information through email communication
  • Don’t click on links within a suspicious email, as hackers are able to use this action to force download a virus to your computer

Talk to Bartercard if an email feels at all suspicious to you. The best way to do so is by calling 1300 BARTER or by calling your account manager directly; there a consultant will be able to assist you with your concerns