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Owner: Vickie Magic

We have been with Bartercard for almost six years. To be honest we have used our Bartercard dollars for so many things, we love it. We are constantly finding new things to buy. We first of all found a commercial property which we were able to pay half of our rent for a few years. We then made an offer on the property and were able to pay the full deposit of the property on full barter, which was $40,000. We bought our beautiful little Mia, a ragdoll kitten on Bartercard some four years ago now. Not only that one of our favourite holidays was to Sinalei Resort in Samoa, it was full barter for a beautiful over the water fale, which was spectacular. My hairdresser is on barter, my beauty therapist, and I always go to the Christmas markets to stock up on pressies, but to be honest, usually come home with a stack for myself as well. Dealing with the Bartercard team has been a pleasure they are always looking for ways to help us.