How many of you are aware of the name Bartercard, yet have never really looked into it further for your business? You may have heard about the many benefits other businesses have gained, perhaps even read some reviews, but have stopped short of making your own enquiries.

If you’ve asked “why should I join Bartercard?” and you’re unsure of the advantages it can offer your business, consider these reasons below.


What Bartercard can do for you

When you join Bartercard, your trading network opens up in ways you’d never imagined. You can begin to trade with businesses across Australia, from almost any industry.

  • You’ll enjoy access to 20,000 businesses that are part of the Bartercard trading network. The diversity of industries means that we can meet almost any product or service need you have. And just as you can become a customer of any of the businesses on the Bartercard trading network, so too can they become a customer of your business.
  • You’re not restricted to spending your trade dollars on goods or services that enhance your business. You can treat yourself, your employees or even your preferred clients to dinner if you like, or even book a holiday if you wish! The choice is entirely yours.
  • Using your Bartercard trade dollars enables you to positively affect your business’ cash flow. By spending your trade dollars you have the potential to save your business a great deal of money.


Still need that clincher that will convince you to become a member? Read the reviews and testimonials from happy members of our trading network and discover how Bartercard has helped them grow their business. You can also contact us for more information.